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Many friends have asked us our opinion on Ironman races that we have done.  Instead of writing race reports for each event, we decided to summarize things into a simple chart, noting our personal preferences. Keep in mind, opinions are just that - each event is a personal endeavour, so personal experinece may vary... but below is our take on it!

Race Rating Legend : 1=easy to 5=difficult / 1=poor to 5=excellent / 1=inexpensive to 5=expensive / 1=no to 5=yes

 Event Canada, Penticton Lake Placid, USA Florida, PCB Frankfurt, Germany Canadian Iron 226 Cozumel, Mexico


Nice, France

Lanzarote, Spain

Mont Tremblant, Canada

World Championships Kona

 Year 2006 / 2010 2007 / 2009 2007 / 2008 2008 2009 2009 / 2011 2010 2010 2012 2012 / 13 / 14 2013
 Nutrition on
 Race Organization
 Race Organization
  (on course)
 Crowd Support
 Special Needs
  (post race)
  (post race)
 Pre-Post Race

 Easy to get to
(from Montreal)

 Total Cost of
(incl. travel)

 Value for Money
 Good Family
 Good race choice
   for 'Newbie'?
 Would Repeat
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