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Montreal to Ottawa - July 1/17

Who: 7 teams, 57 runners
What: 150KM Ultramarathon Relay
Where: Montreal to Ottawa
When: July 1, 2017
Why: To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, sharing community spirit

We will be hosting a self-supported 150KM Ultramarathon relay on July 1, 2017, as a celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday!

We have brought together 7 teams of 57 runners, united on this journey from Montreal to Ottawa. The motivation behind the Canada 150 was fueled by Kevin’s desire to bring together the run community, in an event that would allow runners of all levels and abilities to accomplish something great together. Sometimes a race distance can be daunting and not possible for one individual to complete alone, so the team format brings together a group of individuals to accomplish great things together.

Each of the runners selected for the Canada 150 represent the diversity of the growing Montreal run community, and together in teams, they will work in unison to cover the distance of this self-supported relay. The segments have been carefully planned to offer a variety of distances and speeds, while keeping the runners sync’d in a group effort.  The shortest distance is 7.2K, with the longest being 15.7K. Speeds will vary from 9-12K/h with the total run time being 15 hours.

Departing from Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue on the West Island of Montreal, the runners will make their way to Ottawa utilizing the Prescott-Russel Recreational Trail, traversing through the small towns and communities along the way. Follow along on our Instagram and Twitter feeds as we post throughout the day on July 1st!

We are estimating our time-line as follows:

5:00 AM   Pedestrian Bridge Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue
6:00 AM   Vaudreuil
7:00 AM   Hudson
8:15 AM   Rigaud
9:40 AM   St-Eugene Pavilion
11:10 AM   VanKleek Hill Pavilion
12:25 PM   Caledonia Springs
1:55 PM   Plantegenet Pavilion
2:55 PM   Boudreau Road
3:55 PM   Hammond Pavilion
4:50 PM   Dunning Road
5:40 PM   Milton Road
6:40 PM   Anderson Raod
7:45 PM   Aviation Museum